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Making Room by Spacing Out

Updated: Jan 16

You know those days when you can't seem to motivate yourself to get THAT THING done? You keep starting and stopping. Or just about to-ing? I"m in one of those experiences right now. I have so much to do, things to get to, but really what I want to do is space out. Lie on the floor. Look out the window and just think.

I remember one of my teachers telling me that kids who are allowed to daydream over time become adults that are more resilient, better able to deal with challenge and change. There is something about letting our mind wander that settles the body, opens up our idea of self and for me, somehow allows for more breathing room. It's not something we pride ourselves on, this loosening of the tight reigns of our thinking, especially in a culture that considers the busiest person in the room the most successful, no matter what that busy-ness is about. I often find myself disciplining my mind to stay on track, on task, in focus and demanding of a certain type of attention.

But sometimes I need to let it wander. Wonder. Float a little.

Spacing out sometimes feels like what my brain does when I'm asleep, making strange and interesting connections, associating ideas with unusual partners and rearranging the rooms in my own mind to fit better or be more functional...but in order to do that I need to empty all the drawers a bit. I need sometimes to just see or hear what's in there, what I want to keep and what it's ok to let go of.

So here I sit, with things to do, but places to go in my own head.

Let's take some time today shall we to space out, untether our thinking for a few minutes (or more) and feel our bodies, take some breaths, see what's floating around in there and then see if we can go back to the tasks at hand feeling a bit more organized or at least a bit more free on the inside.

Sometimes all we need is a bit of room to move around inside of ourselves in order to take the next steps.

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