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Areas of Expertise


I'm a certified life, personal and wellness coach. When I coach you I specialize in issues around physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness, with a focus on relationship navigation (both personal and professional). I also work with life transitions, especially chronic illness, marriage and divorce preparation and support as well as curating a personalized and powerful ongoing practice of self development and personal growth. I help you create paradigm shifts that change the way you approach your self, others and life. I drow on bodies of knowledge and growth pathways including the work of Carl Jung, Bowen Family Systems, IFS, Shinui, Zen mediation and Jewish philosophy and wisdom. As a meditation teacher of over 20 years I will also encouage your to incorporate self reflection and short meditation tools into our sessions. 


Along with my training in mulitiple bodywork, herbal and homeopathic modalities, I use intuitive diagnostics and pattern recognition to help clarify your health issues, challenges and goals and to regain a sense of autonomy and agency in your own health journey. I work in tandem with other people on your team and feel the combining of healing modalities and ways produces the strongest results. My specialities include chronic illness, digestive and skin symptoms as well as family health and viruses.

Education and Workshops

As a Jewish educator, public speaker, curriculum developer and teacher for over 25 years, I believe strongly that empowering ourselves in our own healing and growth process is best powered by good information and ongoing education. I teach weekly classes on self-development and hold regular workshops on managing stress and self regulation in the family and at work. I also create curated workshops and ongoing support and accountability groups on request.

See the workshops page for all ongoing classes and upcoming workshops. 

My Approach

My passion, gift and expertise is in helping you find and build your own curated personal strategy

to feel, live, love and work as your healthiest and most empowered self and in supporting you every step of the way.

I’ve been educating, healing and facilitating groups and individuals to get to where they want to go

through bodywork, intuitive healing, coaching, training, consulting and more for over 20 years.

When you work with me, you will experience a wholly unique and personalized approach that will help you

to move towards self-awareness, complete health and a clear path forward. You will get focused feedback on what is in the way and how to heal and make space for your new path. You will embark on a healing journey as well as a down-to-earth step by step plan for making your life the way your want it to be.

When I work with you I effectively combine my gift for powerfully targeted intuitive insight, with an educational perspective that draws on spiritual, psychological, physiological and self-development texts, and includes work on all four bodies which gives you practical strategies to support you  in achieving results with lasting change.

Listening is the basis for everything.

My Approach
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