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Free Resources

These are some of my favourite worksheets and resources to support your self-work and healing journey. Print it and fill it out or use it as a journal template. Bring it to one of our sessions and use what you find as a springboard. I will also direct your to this page during some of our sessions.

Core Evaluation Worksheet

Clarity about what matters most to us is an essential part of making our best choices. Click on the link or image to download this worksheet that will help you identify what your core values are.

Self Parenting Worksheet

How would your perfect parent respond to your thoughts and feelings in this moment? Use this worksheet to begin to cultivate the voice of your perfect parent within that will support and strengthen you as you navigate difficult feelings and mind states. Click the link or image above to download and print.

Weather Report Guided Meditation

Looking for a guided meditation that will support you with your morning and evening weather reports? Choose from a few options here and start/end your day with a solid check in. Click the link or image above to listen.

Love Examined Podcast

This is a podcast that Ellie did with family therapist and author Avrum Nadigel where each week they would use a pop song as a springboard to explore topics around love and relationships. Click the link or image above to listen or find it on Apple or Spotify Podcast apps.

Self Regulation Worksheet

Wondering what works for you to regulate your nervous system and bring you to a state of calm? Use this as an exploration so you can build your toolbox and know what will help you in those high stress moments. Click the link or image above to print.

Coping With Stress

Once you're in a maxed out state, it's helpful to know how you cope before you have to. Use this worksheet to explore stressful situations in your life and how you currently navigate them, and what could be other options. Click the link or the image to download and print.

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