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The May 2024 Jewish Women's Wellness Retreat was incredible... see photos below and

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Welcome to the

Jewish Women's Wellness Retreat

with Ellie and Robyn


Escape to the Marmora Retreat with a tribe of cool Jewish women for a recharge like no other! Immerse yourself in a stunning blend of nature, farm, and water,

just a 2 hour drive from Toronto and Ottawa.

Join Ellie and Robyn, seasoned experts in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation, for daily yoga, meditation, experiences and workshops that seamlessly blend inner awareness and Jewish wisdom.

Fuel your body with fresh, healthy, and delicious kosher cuisine, forging lasting connections with kindred spirits.

This retreat is not just a getaway; it's a vital recharge, equipping you to navigate the challenges of being Jewish today. Join us for an unforgettable experience where every moment sparks rejuvenation, connection, and the cool vibes of a like-minded community.

Sunday May 26 at 12noon  - Tuesday May 28 at 2pm
$599cdn all in (accommodations, meals, classes, SWAG and more)


$549cdn early bird RATE BEFORE MARCH 10
@ the Marmora Retreat Center (2 hrs from Toronto - see here for images

That's 3 days of incredible experiences, food and accommodations for less than $200 a day.

Only 20 spots available. First come first serve.

Sign up now and elevate your journey of self-discovery.

Click here to check out a sample itinerary and menu for the retreat!

What Is Included?

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hamsa logo JWWR no back.png

2 Nights of Gorgeous Accommodations at the Marmora Retreat Farmhouse

Indulge in two nights of serenity at the Marmora Retreat Farmhouse, a harmonious blend of farm, forest, and water. Only a short drive from major cities like Toronto and Ottawa, the south facing location promises sun-kissed days and enchanting starlit nights, providing a perfect backdrop for your journey to self-discovery.

Yoga and Movement

Embark on a daily exploration of body and soul with Ellie and Robyn. From invigorating yoga sessions to expressive dance, exercise, and soothing stretches, choose the activities that resonate with you and set the tone for a day filled with movement and mindfulness.

Lasting Connections

Forge connections with a community of incredible women seeking self-discovery, tapping into their internal wisdom, and embracing Jewish traditions. This retreat is a shared journey, an opportunity to connect with others, yourself, and the profound teachings of Jewish wisdom.

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious Kosher Food

Savor the flavors of wellness with our gourmet kosher cuisine. From a delightful breakfast buffet to communal family-style dinners, every meal mirrors the vibrant energy of the retreat. Indulge in dairy, fish, and vegetarian delights, nourishing your body with fresh and healthy options.

Workshops and CLasses

Ellie and Robyn will guide you through enlightening classes and workshops, seamlessly blending inner awareness, Jewish wisdom, and self-development. Dive deep into breathwork, meditation, journaling, and more to create a transformative experience that intertwines physical and spiritual growth.

Nature Experiences

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding Marmora Retreat. Explore forest hikes, nature trails, and take refreshing plunges in lakes and rivers. Connect with alpacas and horses, bridging the gap between the outer natural world and your inner world, creating an experience that resonates beyond the retreat.

Questions? Email Ellie or Email Robyn


About Us

Robyn Segall is an experienced and certified hatha yoga instructor dedicated to bringing mind-body consciousess and well-being to her students of all levels. Since 2005, she has been leading hatha/vinaysa women's yoga classes that offer time and space to reflect, reset, and rejuvenate for life "off the mat". With a wealth of knowledge, passion, and love for yoga, Robyn cultivates a commuity of growth-oriented individuals seeking physical and mental strength, flexibility, and harmony.

Ellie Bass is a certified wellness coach, healer, and educator with over two decades of experience guiding individuals toward holistic well-being. Specializing in relationship navigation, Ellie draws from diverse wisdom, including her background as a professional dancer, personal trainer and martial artist, as well as insights from Jewish texts, movement training, and meditation. As a well-known Jewish educator and public speaker, Ellie empowers through personalized sessions, ongoing education, and transformative workshops on Embodied Kinetics, stress management, and self-regulation. Explore one-on-one sessions, group experiences, or speaking engagements at, and join her at Marmora Retreat for a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-being.

JWWR Sample Itinerary
JWWR Sample Menu
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