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My Podcast Paradise List

Confession time: I'm a self-proclaimed podcast nerd. It's true—I can't resist the allure of a captivating audio journey. I'm always on the lookout for the next intriguing show to add to my ever-growing collection. In fact, I religiously follow around 20 podcasts (yes, you read that right!) that never fail to entertain and educate me.

Now, as we embrace the summer months, envision yourself embarking on exciting road trips, soaring through the skies on a plane, or simply strolling along, enjoying some quality "me" time. And what better way to enhance those experiences than by immersing yourself in the world of podcasts?

Today, I wanted to share with you a curated selection of my absolute favorites. These gems have captured my heart and kept me hooked from start to finish. But wait, there's more! You see, I've also had the privilege of hosting a few podcasts myself over the years. So, in addition to my recommendations, you'll have the pleasure of hearing my own voice in a few of these shows.

Without further ado, let's dive into my podcast paradise. Get ready to ignite your imagination, expand your knowledge, and embark on unforgettable audio adventures. Buckle up, my friend—it's about to get thrilling.

Here are my top 10 picks for podcasts for summer listening right now:

  1. Hidden Brain - Always a journey, this podcast explores the hidden parts of our conciousness with amazing stories and research.

  2. Jillian On Love - Jillian Turecki is a calm cool voice in the storm of navigating relationships and love. (if you are looking for more podcasts on relationships check out my past podcast with co-host and therapist Avrum Nadigel called "The Love Examined Playlist" where we use pop songs as a springboard for discussion relationships and marriage.

  3. The Get Transformed - my newest podcast with co-host Rabbi Da-vid Rosenthal where we discuss all things Jewish divorce. If you or someone you know is going through or has been through a divorce experience this is a really good support in an area where there often isn't any.

  4. RadioLab - One of the grand-daddy podcasts is still one of the best. Science, culture and weird stories that will change how you think about life.

  5. Smash Boom Best - if you have little kids this one is best for roadtrips - a full on debate about whether tigers are better lions, baths vs showers and so many more. Hilarious and fun.

  6. Rabbi Sacks - as many of you know Rabbi Sacks z'tl is my rabbi crush and his deep powerful insights on life and Torah never fail to blow my mind and open my heart.

  7. Where Should We Begin - Esther Perel is a brilliant couple therapist and this is like being a fly on the wall for some of her most beautiful, haunting and candid sessions with her clients. I've learned so much from her curious and compassionate approach.

  8. The Debators - a CBC classic, this show is hilarious improv where two comedians are pit against each other to prove their side of the debate. Canadian humour at its finest.

  9. Rise and Shine - my dear friend and work wife Adrienne Gold Davis shares a 10 minute inspiring idea and story. A great way to start your day.

  10. Honestly with Bari Weiss - I know this one might be controversial for some but regardless if you agree or disagree with some of her guests, she is bringing some of the most fascinating ideas and conversations to spark a good dinner conversation.

Ok, I've shared only a few of mine... which ones are your favourites? What did I miss? Please put it in the comments!


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