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Healer, Educator, Transformation Facilitator, Coach

My passion, gifts and expertise help you find optimal health and alignment and build your own curated personal strategy to feel, live, love and work as your healthiest and most empowered self. I use my intuitive insights and training to support you every step of the way.

I’ve been doing healing with individuals and facilitating groups for over 20 years.


Intuitive diagnostics and healing is a practice that's based on the idea that our bodies and minds are deeply interconnected, and they communicate with each other

in ways that we're not always consciously aware of.
Just as your body might communicate hunger by making your stomach growl, it also sends signals when there's an imbalance or when you're experiencing emotional or physical distress.

However, these signals can be much more subtle, and it often takes a

gifted, experienced and trained intuition to pick up on them.
As an intuitive healer and transformation facilitator, my role is to tune into these subtle signals and

help identify the root causes of any issues you might be experiencing physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

This isn't about predicting the future or reading minds. Rather, it's about listening deeply to what your body and emotions are communicating, and using that information

to guide our work together.
For the healing aspect, I use various techniques to help bring your

mind and body back into balance. These techniques can range from guided meditations

and energy work, to lifestyle suggestions and emotional support.

The goal is to address not just the symptoms you're experiencing, but the underlying causes, so you can feel more balanced, healthy, and fulfilled in your life.

Areas of Expertise

Intuitive Healing, Personalized Meditation Consultant, Spiritual Educator & Group Transformation Facilitater, Health and Personal Development Coaching.

When you work with me, you will experience a wholly unique and personalized approach that will help you move towards self-awareness, complete health and a clear path forward. You will get focused feedback on what is in the way and how to heal and make space for your new path. You will embark on a healing journey as well as a down-to-earth step by step plan for making your life the way your want it to be.

When I work with you I effectively combine my gift for powerfully targeted intuitive insight, with an educational perspective that draws on spiritual, psychological, physiological and self-development texts, and includes work on all four bodies which gives you practical strategies to support you  in achieving results with lasting change.

Listening is the basis for everything.

Talya K, ON

"Ellie you are getting to the heart of some root issues I have wanted to deal with for years. Other mental health professionals haven't been able to help me navigate these the way you have with practical tools and deep insights"

Jodi Y, NY

"I have been struggling with health and relationship issue for years, and this is the first time I feel like I have made significant progress. Ellie pushes you in the right ways to make real changes." 

Leo T, MI

“Ellie offers a unique form of insight to the body, mind and spirit in a holistic way that every session affords deeper insights and lasting changes.”

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