Fix Your Relationships

and Learn

How To

Be Your

Best Self in all Circumstances

Ask The Questions and Find the Answers That Will Make Your Life Clear and Powerful




Body and Reclaim

Your LIfe

Are you:

Smart and struggling?

Do you have a health issue that remains undiagnosed or chronically unresolved?

Do you have a feeling that your issues might not only be physical?

Are you looking for practical and multi-faceted guidance for your life, health, work and relationships?

Looking for a mentor who can show you how to do the work and get you to your best self?

How I Serve:


Holistic Intuitive Healer and Herbalist

Relationship and Self Development Educator

4 Body Optimization and Wellness Coach

Spiritual Mentor and Advisor

I've been practicing intuitive healing and working as a certified skilled life coach, holistic wellness guide, meditation instructor, personal trainer, and more for over 20 years.

When I work with you I effectively combine intuitive insight, educational experience and practical strategies

to support you in achieving results with lasting change. When you work with me, you will see a wholly unique and personalized approach that will help you to move towards self-awareness,

complete health and a clear path for your life.

Here are some of the areas you can make changes in with me:

  • Overcoming and Transforming Crisis Fatigue

  • Personal and/or Professional Transitions, Life Vision and Enhancement

  • Stress Management and Confidence Building

  • Dealing with Loss and Change

  • Improving Overall Health and/or Managing Chronic Illness

  • Strategies for Moving Forward with an Idea or Project

  • Strengthening Relationships as well as Divorce and Separation Strategies/Support

  • Leadership and Community Work Goal Setting

  • Building Spirituality and Meaning in your Life/Clarifying Life's Purpose and Core Principles and Values

  • Creating Work/Life Balance, Time Management

  • Create a Personalized Meditation Practice That Will Change How You Sleep and Deal with Stress

Are you ready to take the first steps to your deepest, healthiest self?


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