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Welcome to the "Internal Weather Report" journal, a transformative companion on your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. Ellie Bass has been using this method of self-reflection and discovery with her  self, her clients and her students for over 20 years. As a certified coach, healer, Jewish and self-development educator and meditation teacher for more than two decades she has seen incredible transformation using these simple check ins as a support to an ongoing work on the self.

Step into a world of profound introspection as you embark on a 60-day adventure of exploring your internal landscape. Like a weather forecaster, this journal invites you to check in with your physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual connection—nurturing a deeper understanding of your inner world. With Ellie Bass Wellness as your trusted guide, you'll navigate this path with warmth and compassion.

In the first month, circle the feelings, thoughts, and sensations that resonate with you as you build your internal vocabulary. Witness how your awareness expands, and your inner language takes shape. Then, in the second month, embrace your unique voice as you describe your experiences in the pages provided—crafting a personalized and poetic expression of your internal weather.

This journal isn't just about checking boxes; it's an embrace of your entire being. As you cultivate self-awareness and gratitude, you'll uncover the seeds of profound transformation. Take the time to savor the moments of growth and appreciation for yourself and the world around you. Over time these "Internal Weather Reports" will change how your see and experience your self, your relationships and the world around in profound ways. 

May this journal be a sanctuary of self-discovery and empowerment—a testament to the beauty of your inner world.

Ellie Bass "Internal Weather Report" Journal

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